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The energy industry has become a major area of investment. Investors, Developers, and Policy makers are looking to this sector to be the driver of future prosperity.

Saudi Arabia has considered two time periods for energy development projects:

  • Short-term period defined by a 2020 timeline
  • Long-term period defined in Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia is ranked among the highest potential with a significant renewable energy target of 9.5 GW by 2023. The solar industry believes that Saudi Arabia has the ability to change the regional picture in a short-term and execute large scale utility projects, taking into consideration that renewable energy projects will free up more oil for export.

Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems

Solar systems harness the sun's natural power and convert it into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. They provide clean power, and help cut global carbon emissions.


  • Lower electricity bill.
  • Minimize the load on Public electricity grid.
  • Convert the dead areas into useful energy sources.


  • Provide clean energy.
  • Minimize the usage of fossil fuel.
  • Help cut global carbon emissions.
  • Convert regular buildings into green buildings.

Types of Renewable Energy Systems

Off-Grid Systems

When the utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring into certain location (home, cabin, farm, Van, Boat, etc) solar panels allow you to be your own utility company.

Off-Grid system can provide the necessary power needed throughout the day. Integrating the solar panels with a properly designed battery bank will generate effective DC or AC power.

Off-Grid systems not only provide power, but also peace of mind and maintain a calm environment by eliminating the need for noisy gas-based generators.

Grid-Tie Systems

This kind helps reduce electricity bill and carbon footprint by generating part of the daily power consumption. The customer will be generating his own energy during the day while still having the ability to rely on the utility company for his excess needs during the day and his regular needs at night.

Grid-Tie solar systems help converting dead areas (house roof, hangars roof, unused open space, car parking slots, etc) into mini energy stations.

Hybrid Systems

The Hybrid system is a combination of Grid-Tie system and battery bank. When the grid is running properly, your home or business will use power generated from the solar panels or pull electricity from the grid.

The Hybrid system will also ensure the continuous charging of the battery bank to be ready for usage in case of grid failures

In the event of grid blackouts, the hybrid system will switch to "off-grid mode" drawing power stored in the battery bank to power your place.


Our services range from pure renewable energy systems design and installation to energy efficiency measures.

Solar Plant Infrastructure

We offer all necessary tasks for site preparation, supervision, management, labor, temporary works and materials procurement required to complete the works, including: Civil Works, leveling, Mounting Structures, permanent fencing, access tracks, site drainage, earthing, trenching, and DC/AC cabling.

Solar Systems New Installation

The solar system installation consists of three phases:

  1. Assessment Phase: this phase allow us get familiar with the customer types of loads, how much power they do consumes and the budget allocated for the project.

  2. Design Phase: having collected all necessary information from the customer, we start analyzing the givens, acquiring extra meteo information about the location, and finally design a suitable solar system.

  3. Implementation Phase: the last phase is the implementation of the final design. Solar Systems Operations and Maintenance Efficiency is a key parameter for all solar systems. If not taken care of properly, all solar system performance decays over time. Our services cover all necessary tasks to maintain the solar system in good shape allowing it to continuously perform at maximum efficiency.

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